Barack Obama Profile

Ads on 5 November 2008, the United States has decided to change history in the country. President of the United States first came from Africa America race successfully occupied the number one position in the country Adi power the United States. He is Barack Hussein Obama II or better known by the name of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Profile

Barack Obama was born in Honululu, Hawaii precisely at the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women & Children. Child pairs from Barack Hussein Obama Sr. Africa comes from Kenya and Ann Dunham a white skin that came from Wichita Kansas. Obama's father and mother met this year at the University of Hawaii in 1960 where at that time the student's father is overseas. A year later, exactly 2 februari 1962, they married. But this marriage did not survive long, while that Barack Obama Jr. was 2 years old, his mother and father divorced in the year 1964.

After this is the mother divorced Barack Obama met with lolo Soetoro and the family is moving to Indonesia in 1967. Barack Obama in the schools in Indonesia, such as Assisi, Jakarta until the age of 10 years. After that Barack Obama return to Honolulu and live with a grandmother from the mother. Obama here in the Punahou School to finish high school in 1979.

In the school, lolo soetoro years to return to Hawaii in 1972 to stay a few years. And 1977, he returned to Indonesia to work in the field of anthropology. In Indonesia, he also spent the rest of his life, until the year 1994 back to hawaii. His wife died in the womb because of cancer in 1995.

During high school, Barack Obama admitted he was involved with drugs and alcohol. He said this period as a moral mistake in his life. Graduate from high school, he moved to LA and continue studying at university in Occidental for 2 years. Obama then moved to Columbia University in New York. Department of the captured knowledge is specific to the political and international relations. 1983, Obama graduated and working in the Business International Corporation and New York Public Interest Research Group.

4 years in New York, Barack Obama moved to Chicago and worked as director of Developing Communities Project (DCP), a church-based organizations. Obama worked for 3 years from June 1985 until 1988. Obama here to achieve success in the small of his life. Obama succeeded in increasing the annual budget to help social activities for the organization. This period also Obama to visit Europe for the first time for 3 weeks and 5 days in Kenya. In Kenya, Obama met with familinya for the first time.

Year end 1988, Barack Obama following the lecture at Harvard University. At the end of the first year, Obama was selected as editor of Harvard Law Review. This is because the value and performance in the writing competition. In February 1990, following the election Obama president of Harvard Law and is a black first president run into Harvard Law. This becomes a tremendous uproar at Harvard.

During spring vacation, Barack Obama returned to work in chicago and company law at Sidley & Austin in 1989 and Hopkins & Sutter in 1990. In 1991, Barack Obama graduated with a Juris Doctor degree (JD) and the historical record as the first black person who has graduated with predicate magna cumlaude. After Obama graduated return to chicago.

Barack Obama gets a bid to write a book dealing with race because he is famous in the presidential election Harvard Law ago. Obama even got all the support and the new office at the University of Chicago Law Faculty to complete the book. The book is scheduled to finish in a year, but appeared to exceed that time. To focus on the settlement of the book, Michelle Obama and His wife moved to Bali and writing in a few months there. Finally, the script is successful book published in mid 1995 with the title Dreams from my father.

From 1992 until 1995 Barack Obama is involved in various activities in the field of politics and law. Among Illinois Project Vote, teaching law at university in chicago, joined the company's legal Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland, the founder of Public Allies, the director of the Woods Fund of Chicago and many other positions.

Barack Obama became a senator

Political journey began when elected into the Illinois state senator in 1996. Obama changes defend the law to ethics and the protection of health. Obama also supports tax credits for employee classes, negotiated welfare improvement, and increase subsidies for children.

With performance on the first term of office as senator, then in 1998 and again in 2002 Obama was selected to become senator. In January 2003 Barack Obama became chairman of the committee and the Health Service when humanity Illinois democrat party is always the minority. Successful democrat party get a majority position. Obama still up for the race and social discrimination.

In November 2004, Obama resigned from the senate illinois senate election for the United States. Actually began in 2002, Obama has run campaigns for a U.S. senate. Assisted by the strategic political, David Axelrod, he announced the nomination himself in January 2003. Decision from the office in the democratic and republican party for not following the election has been a competition among 15 candidates.

Obama's popularity increased because Axelrod ads that use images from the Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and the support of the daughter of Paul Simon, famous U.S. Senator from Illinois. Obama finally succeeded to get 52 percent of votes, winning 29 percent of the rival democratic terdekatnya.

Finally, on January 4, 2005, Barack Obama elected as U.S. Senator and is the fifth black person who served the office. Obama also is the only U.S. senator to be the Congressional Black Caucus. CQ Weekly, a non-party publications even mention Obama as a loyal Democrat. Then meranking National Journal Obama as a senator in terliberal.

Presidential Election Period United States

In February 2007, Obama says the election as United States presidential candidates from the Democratic party. This statement was made in front of the Old State Capitol, Springfield, Illinois. Election where there is also symbolic because Abraham Lincoln a "House divided" year 1858.

During the campaign, Barack Obama raise the issue of termination of the war Iraq, increasing energy independence, and provide comprehensive health care. Three things this is the main priority. Campaign funds increased to 58 Million USD although this contribution is less than 200 USD that is classified as a small contribution by the Law on the campaign. This is also a popular cause because Obama successfully block campaign funds from small donations.

January 2008, Obama and Hillary merebutkan to compete for the position as the party candidate from the Democrats. After a variety of obstruction and controversy, Obama finally once again proves that he succeeded to reach the trust partainya.

And 23 August 2008, Barack Obama published prospective representatives, Joe Biden, Delaware Senator. Besides Hillary clinton concede defeat and also fully support Barack Obama. In the inter-party presidential election, Barack Obama faced with McCain's party republic (separtai with President Bush and the policies that have almost the same with President Bush). McCain is a former combatant vietnam war.

Finally, 4 november 2008, Barack Obama defeat McCain in the U.S. presidential election to 44. Barack Obama is the president of America's First Black Skin race. At his victory speech in Chicago, Obama said the phrase "has come to change America.". He dedicated his victory to all United States citizens.


Barack Obama is a simple form and have a view of a universal democratic. I think that figure could change and unify a country United States precious resources such as the Clinton presidency, not as a country like the war such as that made by President Bush.

One of the interesting things that the general election in the United States is bigger than life and supporting candidates. Less recognize that victory and that supporting win. Winners embrace the less, truly beautiful democracy that occurred in the United States. If we can be like them, would not have hit the roof in the selection of the president or perhaps later.

Things to be Barack Obama is to overcome the economic crisis the United States and I think the world was expecting something happens in the United States to a better direction. Because would not want the crisis that occurred in the United States unions have an impact on the economy in the world.

Election time is also recorded as a history with the election in the history pencoblos since most women are allowed to vote. To congratulate the President on the United States Barack Obama.

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