Type of Diabetes Millitus

Disease Diabetes Mellitus, also known as diabetes or blood sugar disease are the chronic diseases with a marked increase in blood sugar as a result of disruption in the body's metabolic system, where no organ pancreas can produce insulin hormone the body as needed.


Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas that is responsible to control the sugar in the blood and insulin is required to change (process) carbohydrate, fat, protein and energy into the necessary body. Hormone insulin function decrease in blood sugar.

# Symptoms Diabetes Mellitus

Early symptoms that can be known that someone suffering from diabetes that can be seen from the direct effect of increased blood sugar, increase the sugar in the blood reaches the value 160 - 180 mg / dl and urine of people with diabetes contain sugar (glucose), so often to the ant urine.

People with diabetes usually show signs and symptoms, although this is not experienced by all people:

1. The amount of urine that was issued more (Polyuria)
2. Often feel thirsty / thirst (Polydipsia)
3. Excessive hunger, or eating a lot (Polyphagia)
4. Increased urine frequency (Glycosuria)
5. Lose weight
6. Anesthetized at the end of the nerve in the hands and feet
7. Quick tired and weak all the time
8. Experienced dim vision is suddenly
9. If the injury / scratches, slow it
10.Skin easy infection.

Sugar condition that dramatically decreases, causing a rapid self-aware does not even enter into coma stage. Symptoms of diabetes can develop quickly, in just a matter of weeks or months, especially on a child who suffered from diabetes type 1 disease.

Like the other diabetes type 2, they generally do not experience many symptoms above. Or they may not know has suffered from diabetes.

# Disease Diabetes Mellitus Type

1. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes mellitus type 1 depends on insulin, so the lack of body hormone insulin, known as the term Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM). This is due to loss of beta cells produce insulin in the islands Langerhans pancreas. Type 1 diabetes is usually found in children and adolescents.

Until now, Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 can only give the drug, with the delivery of insulin therapi conducted continuously. Family history, diet and environmental factors influence the treatment of diabetes type 1 . Patients diebetes type 1, should be controlling and monitoring blood sugar, you should use a blood sugar test equipment. Especially in children under five who or where they are easy to dehydration, vomiting and often fell ill easily various diseases.

2. Diabetes mellitus type 2
Diabetes type 2 is where the hormone insulin in the body can not function properly, known by the term Non-Insulin dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM). This is because the various possibilities such as a disability in the production of insulin, insulin resistance or reduced to the sensitivity (response) network and sell the body to insulin with a marked increase in insulin content in the blood.

There are several theories that explain the occurrence of resistant to insulin, obesity among factors. People with diabetes type 2, controlling blood sugar can be done with some action, such as diet, weight reduction, and the tablet. When the tablet has not been with the maximum response level of sugar in the blood, the needle began to consider medication for granted.

# In Blood sugar

Normally the blood sugar is between 70 - 150 mg / dl (millimoles / liter (a unit of United Kingdom)), or 4 - 8 mmol / l (milligrams / deciliter (a unit of United State)), where 1 mmol / l = 18 mg / dl.

However, the sugar, of course, the increase occurs after meals and experience a drop in the morning hours up to bed. Someone said to hyperglycemia when the blood sugar value far above normal, while hypoglycemia is a condition where someone has decreased the value of sugar in the blood below normal.

Diabetes Diagnosis can be done if the results of the examination at the time of blood sugar before eating to reach level 126 mg / dl or more, and checking blood sugar 2 hours after meals (at least 8 hours) to reach level 180 mg / dl. Meanwhile, blood sugar checks are done at random (when) can help diagnosis diabetes if blood sugar levels reach between 140 mg / dl and 200 mg / dl, especially when he was on 200 mg / dl.

Many blood sugar test equipment sold, and can be purchased at the sale of equipment such as pharmacies or health Accu-Chek, BCJ Group, Accurate, OneTouch UltraEasy machine. For people who have Diabetes Mellitus, it's good to buy medical equipment.

# Medicine Diseases Diabetes and Handling

People with diabetes type 1, generally receive medical treatment therapi insulin (Lantus / Levemir, Humalog, Novolog or Apidra) sustainable, than it is with exercise and controlling the food (diet).

In the patient diabetes mellitus type 2 , treatment and handling of the implementation focused on lifestyle and physical activity. Controlling the value of sugar in the blood is a key treatment program, with reduced body weight, diet, and exercise. If this does not achieve the expected results, the tablets of the medicine is necessary. Moreover, injection of insulin consecutive tablet is not necessary when the controlling blood sugar.

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