How to Remove the Label Numbers

Each post certain articles we add the label, two things that can not be separated because each article we post a definitive label we include below. Function to distinguish the actual label each article with one another, or can be called a category, and by default the label will show the number behind the title, so if you add 50 post title into one label will be visible behind the number 50 title label.

As this example the image of a label or category my blog before I removed the numbers:

Do not like the numbers behind the title and the label want to remove them? I have a solution for the number.
  1. Login to Blogger with your ID.

  2. Click Layout -> Edit HTML.

  3. Then smear Expand Templates Widget.

  4. Find the code like this:


  5. Delete the code but remember the location, who do you want to go back in your label.

  6. Then Save Template.

See the results, the figure behind the label is already lost ..Happy Testing!

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April 20, 2011 at 5:56 PM

This has been a great support, many thanks, now to remove the label numbers is very easy with your help. Thank you

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