Kaka and Ronaldo Becoming The Most Expensive

Playmaker, Ricardo Kaka says high prices issued Real Madrid to buy himself and Cristiano Ronaldo is reasonable. Kaka and Ronaldo are very reasonable in price to buy the expensive.


Kaka became the first star came to the Santiago Bernabeu in the summer with the transfer price 65 million euros. Then Ronaldo, the record-breaking transfer these, the price of more than 92 million euros. The price is very fantantis for 2 players.

Cristiano Ronaldo High prices that both players get a variety of reactions from various circles. Media in the Vatican, the consequences on the price of 2 players. Kaka respond to these opinions. "There must be a reason behind the high price of a soccer player and it is proportionate to the skill players straight".


"(Reason) Real Madrid decided to pay expensive for us because we are worth with that, is not it? Because we have shown that with us in the field during the last few years," he said in telling The Telegraph.
"About Cristiano Ronaldo, who are these players, he shows that he has been the number one and he uses of this price," said the player had selected as the World Open in 2007.
Kaka opinion is almost the same with Ronaldo statement some time back. Winger Portugal is felt that the high fee he will receive in Madrid will make him play better than when still at Manchester United.




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