10 Laptops Design Futuristic

Technology developing too fast, see 10 laptops futuristic below. Where is the similar to yours? certainly does not exist, because the design of laptop-laptop below, just a design model for the future of laptops.

1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop

Canova Dual Screen Laptop has a two-screen, multi touch screen and very easy to use. Not only can be used for to handle the computing tasks you everyday, but can also be used to read the article in the laptop etc..

2. Vaio Zoom
Zoom vaio notebook has a holographic glass screen is transparent.

3. DesCom
DesCom basically two in one concept laptop seamlessly integrated in the table.

4. MacTab
MacTab a thin wireless keyboard.

5. LG Ecological Laptop
LG concept laptop using ecological fuel cell batteries and features organic display technology (OLED), is to receive Red Dot Award for best design concept.

6. Laptop Compenion
Compenion laptop concept by Felix Schmidberger consists of two sliding OLED screen, which is one of them can be used as a keyboard.

7. Samsung Amoled
AMOLED concept laptop from Samsung features a unique design that is thin and slippery and touch-sensitive keyboard.

8. Laptop traveller
Traveler concept laptop is a GPS navigation system for pedestrians with internal storage for storing images or data and a built-in function Geotag so you always know where you take a photo.

9. Canvas Laptop

Canvas is a futuristic laptop concept that is used to provide a better quality of the designers with the features of the touchscreen is very thin.

10. Macbook 0801
0801 Macbook laptop concept by Isamu Sanada as a black version of Macbook Air. This laptop has a keyboard and ultra thin design that is very slippery.

Source: listphobia.com

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September 3, 2009 at 1:14 PM

very beautifull..i like all design futuristic of all laptops..

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