5 Year Contract With The Citizens

Carlos Tevez official signature of the contract for five years for Manchester City, on Tuesday (July 14), directly criticizing Sir Alex Ferguson. Striker who was 25 years old from Argentina revealed that, for two years in the Manchester United, Ferguson did not say to him to survive in the MU. "Alex did not call me, even just send a short message", said Tevez who is also the national team is Argentina.


"Only once we talking that is when the match against AS Roma (Champions League in Europe), because we need to discuss about that I will defend in the Argentina international," said Tevez.

According to Tevez, Ferguson attitude is inappropriate. "Once the glue treatment for a player who has two years defending the club", said Tevez will wear the number 32 on costumes new club Manchester City.

According to Tevez who has 34 goals along the print 98 times overshadow the match Manchester United, he can understand the content of the hearts of every fan club at Old Trafford. "I really understand the support given by the MU fans, because they will always remain in my heart. Support that always makes me comfortable, while showing less well in the match", said Tevez.

Tevez disclose, transfer himself to the City is not the lack of fan support from the MU. "I moved because Ferguson and (Chairman of the Executive Club) David Gill did not attempt to defend me", he said. (Reuters/OL-03)

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