Baobab, The World's Largest Tree

Most large trees in the world, located in the Africa continent, the name is a Baobab. Baobab trees can be long-lived, so it is often called the Tree of Life because of this tree can be up to the age of 800 years.


Perhaps a tree in this photo is the age of 1500 years is still less with the estimated tree Red Sherman or General Sherman tree in California to reach the year 2200. Baobab can store 300 liters of water while in the rainy season, this tree is sacred in the area of origin.


No tree in Africa embodies the spirit of Africa more than the baobab with its bulbous branches and gnarled bark. Otherwise known as Africa's 'big tree', the baobab is revered in African culture for many different reasons.


In ancient times kings, elders and leaders would hold meetings under huge baobabs to discuss matters of great importance. Not only did the trees provide shelter, but the tribal leaders also believed that the spirit of the baobab would always help them make wise decisions.

I hope, by looking at the picture above, you are aware that we do not mean anything compared to God's greatness.

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