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Are you including people who care about the Page Rank of your blog, if you care, you are correct to read this article. One of the ways to increase page rank, you must collect a lot of backlink. The average blogger backlink to do with the exchange link.


In this way we get a backlink as well as issue a backlink. Or can also find the one way backlink with the register on the social bookmarking site. However, there is an effective way to get backlink issue without having to link our blog. With this system, the number of incoming backlink that can be greater than the exit. An easy way to do this is to create a dummy blog.

Dummy blog used to call a blog that is only used to provide backlink to the main blog. Want to know how? Simply create a blog from the hosting for free, can use a blogspot, wordpress, Drupal, etc.. Suggestions should I use blogspot, blogspot as in addition to easy quick google indexed the same, and the excess blogspot, an email can be used for many blogs.

Make a few blogs, it's how you want to create a blog, but my suggestion, gained a blog email it to 5, though not seen as google. Make an article of 20-30 articles, with the same theme with the main blog. Submit URL to google and google webmaster. Wait until indexed by google. Once indexed, a link to your main blog. One dummy blog can be used to provide some backlink with some variations. Put on the blogroll or in the post. This way you have a one way backlink. If you can make a lot of dummy blog, can backlink count yourself how you can.

Dummy blog with the same effective link exchange, he just has other advantages. You do not need to remove the link. Happy trying!

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August 28, 2010 at 3:27 PM

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