Explosion at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton

The bomb explosion in Jakarta again. JW Marriott hotel and Ritz Carlton hotel in Mega Kuningan area that became the victim.

The explosion occurred at around 07.45 local time. One eyewitness, Christiantoko, the bomb to explode three times. Details, the first explosion occurred at the JW Marriott Hotel, the second explosion occurred at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. "After that, the third explosion occurred in the back JW Marriott, but it does not sound too loud when compared to the first and second," said Christiantoko, who day after day work in Rajawali building floor 27.

Currently, the JW Marriott Hotel condition enough concern. The glass lobby JW Marriott has smithereens. "According to another eyewitness, bomb came from the hotel basement. A clear, sound, very loud explosion", he said.

Meanwhile, another eyewitness, Husni Arifin, said the condition of Ritz Carlton is not far different. "Glass in the hotel lobby all destroyed, precisely glass cafe which is located near the entrance," Husni said that after working in the building Prima, which is located exactly at the Ritz Carlton Hotel. He said, a number of both hotel guests and panic seen together out of the two hotels. "And the smoke looks very thick", he said.

Bombardment of JW Marriott Hotel and the Ritz Carlton is a week stay in room 1808. However, the bomb was brought from the outside.

"They do not make bombs in the hotel. They were brought from outside", said PR Kadiv Mabes Polri Irjen Pol Nanan Soekarna in front of the JW Marriott Hotel, Jakarta, Jumat (7/17/2009).

Previous Mabes Polri affirm the bombardment associated with terrorism network Jamaah Islamiyah (JI). It was so clear with the finding that is characteristic of JI in the location of a bolt explosion. "Yes there are bolts for the wound", said Nanan. Previously known, the bombardment with initials N.



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