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Many are asking about the blog, What is a Blog?

Blog is short for Web log. Unlike the website in general, have a blog does not own the domain. Blog name behind us, there are additional names of service providers from the Blog. For example, as I have namely, long and looks less professional. Because the free, I would like to have your own domain search service that must be paid.

Such as Email, comrade must have an account first to be registered in the service of a Blog. We recommend using the buddy, because I do have gmail and blogspot kinship relations.

Here I will discuss a bit about how to create a blog from a free service that is using the services Register for free, you have exhausted the list can fill your blog with the article - the article that you have, or you can upload photos, pictures, songs and even you also can exchange articles with other Blogger.

To create a blog, please click here.

  1. Then there will be a page like below.

  2. Click Create Blog.

  3. Fill in Email Address and Password that you want. For Display Name, in which the content is not the name you Blog your Blog address. When finished, click Continue.

  4. Then fill Blog Title and Blog your address, then click Continue.

  5. Select the template you like, check one of them. Then Continue again.

  6. If successful there will be a page similar to this one.

  7. Congratulations you have a blog and be able to use it.

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