How to Install Alexa Widget in Blog

Alexa rank to make the ranking based on the number of visitors to our blog, the more visitors a blog or website, then alexa rank will be a small value. The less means that higher the ranking of our blog.
Alexa know where the number of visits a website or blog? alexa know the number of visits to a website or blog based on information from the computer's internet browser installed alexa toolbar.

Alexa widget on the blog or the web to get accurate data about the number of visits. By installing alexa widgets on the blog, then the engine alexa can accurately know how many visitors view and Page (the page is viewed) on the web or blog.

If you want to install the Alexa Rank widget, I'll explain how.
  1. Please log in to Alexa, or click here.

  2. Enter your blog address in the blank provided.
    For example

  3. Then select the form of a widget that you want, copy and paste the javascript to your blog.

    To enter a javascript to the blog, please log in to blogger.

  4. Click Layout.

  5. Click Page Elements.

  6. Then Add a Gadget.

  7. Enter the code in the script to empty boxes available.

  8. Then Save.
Now, you already have a blog widget alexa and you can monitor the development of your blog at any time.

Good luck !

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March 20, 2010 at 4:32 AM

Good tips.

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