Ibra Switch Places With Eto'o

Swedish striker, Zlatan Ibrahimović finally joined the official Barcelona. The former Inter Milan striker is contracted for 5 years. Signed contracts do, Monday, July 26, 2009 local time. Previous Ibra first to do health tests. Barca pay £ 40 million and striker Samuel Eto'o, moved to Inter Milan with five-year contract. Hleb transfer a little different with Eto'o. The origin of the Belarusian only loaned for one season. Inter buy new borrowing after the end bandrol with £ 10 million.

Ibrahimovic, 27 years old, will undergo treatment after a left hand finger fracture due to injury in the game of friendship. He said: "I like a dream, not easy for me in last weekend".

Contract that he signed with Barcelona includes articles about the buy-out worth 250 million euros (216 million pounds sterling) for the player.

"I did not come yesterday to be Samuel Eto'o, I am not a people,
new people, but I will try to reach as many as Eto'o, or even more, "said Ibrahimovic, who will wear the number nine shirt. Barca president Joan Laporta welcomed the return of Swedish players, and adds: "He is not the imitator, he was ambitious, champion, sincere people with strong feelings, and he wanted to come to Barcelona".

Eto'o has completed negotiations with the Inter early Thursday, and was followed Ibrahimovic flying to Spain from the United States, where Inter are the visits.

Recognized by Moratti, Swedish striker removals are sensational, although less than sparkling removals Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo to Real Madrid. However, the Inter considered quite surprising, because the release Ibra.

Ibrahimovic is the success of Inter. Ibrahimovic no doubt contribute. He is a striker as well as fertile entertainer, so get a surname Ibrakadabra. And, he alone can change the game. Seasons ago, Ibra Capocannoniere achieve a degree, with the score 25 goals. He also delivers Inter Scudetto reach the fourth time in succession.

Clearly, Inter will not be weakened. The La Beneamata get a commensurate change. Yes, Samuel Eto'o, who became part of the transfer Ibra. During five seasons with Barca, he print more than 100 goals. He was a champion.
Eto'o wins Champions League twice and three times Primera Liga.

Coach Jose Mourinho has a special mission, to bring into the Inter Champions League winner. Yes, after a four-time Serie A champion, respectively. Things that can not be done Ibrahimovic for three seasons at Inter. Ibra great in Serie A, but it is barren in European competition. Ibrahimovic is only able to collect six goals of the match in 22 European competition. Ironically, five of the six goals that he made last season.

So, who is more powerful? Ibra or Eto'o. We wait until the end of next season.

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