Michael Owen Still Trusted

Manchester United gambling on transfers this season, on 04 July 2009 champion Primier League last season to buy the official Michael Owen as the new player. MU is not spent at all, because the end of season ago Owen are free transfer after four years with Newcastle United.


Owen to be part of the red devils team after through medical test. He was in the contract MU for 2 seasons and became the second purchase in the MU on the exchange transfer this summer, after the previous MU has talented young players bring Antonio Valencia of Wigan Athletic.

The former Anfield player public worship is very surprising world football. Owen will never be called one of the target to fill the vacant position in the leave Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez in the vanguard, Owen says that many have been exhausted and often injury. Four years defend Newcastle United, Owen could only make 26 goals from 71-time play.

But MU Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson seems to believe that Owen has not been exhausted and Owen will be born again with the MU. "Michael Owen is the best attacker in the class level is high", Ferguson said in the MU site.
Owen shared the story of the beginning of the MU. Without at the meeting, while talking to himself with the other clubs, Alex Ferguson called him directly to request a day to come tomorrow to meet directly with a full breakfast. While breakfast, Fergie said her interest to bring Owen to Old Trafford.

"Without a thought I agree with the length", said Owen. This is a fantastic opportunity and with hands held open. My experience with the grim Newcastle, but my whole career is very good. And believe me, join the team with a great, I will shine again in my career, said players who also have been wearing uniforms, Real Madrid.

I will pay the trust given to Fergie to create goals as much as possible.
Owen inclusion in the MU also hunting Primier League club the other. Previously, Everton, Aston Villa, Stoke City and Hull City are a club who are interested to Owen.

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