Stories About Michael Jackson

Media around the world upset with the death of Michael Jackson, so fast and there are no previous sign of illness. Let us discuss the trip profile and career Michael Jackson.


Michael Jackson was born on 29 August 1958 Gary, indiana. Jackson's father is a high discipline. Small time-often in the Michael Jackson at the skin with a belt.


Michael Jackson started his career since the age of 7 years to make The Jackson Five. First record in 1971 with the song "Got To Be There" with her group. Then Michael Jackson selling album thiller album, which is most in demand with 104 million sales.

And in november 2006, words to music award announced more than 750 million album sales copy Michael Jackson.

so he makes Michael Jackson as the most famous artists throughout time. Michael Jackson married the first time with daughter Elvis Presley, liza marie on 18 May 1994 but the marriage was not survive more than two years.
Then Michael Jackson married again with debby rowe but ultimately a failure to meet again in October or divorced in 1999.

When Michael Jackson perform surgery and skin nose. He got criticism and challenges from the big-race africa amerika. And mark as treason against the black race. Although Michael Jackson says, he was doing nose surgery to help her sing songs with a high tone. About color, he said that he was suffering from a skin color difference in a Vitiligo which cause the skin changes color.
Of property assets owned, building up a Michael Jackson in the neverland of los angeles 3000 acher, and also features a private zoo. Mini zoo eventually invite interest Preschool child to come see.

Michael Jackson also gives freedom to the children, including sleeping in the bed.
This is the beginning of the financial catastrophe of what Michael Jackson when he was a defendant sexsual abuse against children aged 13 years ago in 1993.
In addition to lifestyle super-extravagant, from the Michael Jackson case is the lack of minimum $ 20 million year. 25 June 2009 end of a career of Michael Jackson, he died from drug over-dose injection barrier high-dose pain demerol, demerol own dikabarkan equivalent to morphine.
but there are also claims that because of heart failure.




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