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chocolatesHome4 The word chocolate comes from xocoatl (the tribe of Aztec language), which means that the bitters. Aztec and Maya tribes in Mexico believe that the god of Agriculture has sent chocolate that came from heaven to them.


Cortes brought chocolate and then to Spain between the years 1502-1528, and by the Spanish bitters sugar is mixed so it's more comfortable. Chocolate then spread to France, the Netherlands and the UK. In the year 1765 chocolate factory was established in Massachusetts, the United States.


In its development is not only a chocolate drink, but also become the preferred snack of children, adolescents, and adults. Besides it's tasty, nutritious chocolate that make age someone becomes longer. Epidemiologis A study was done on the Harvard University student who registered between the years 1916-1950. By using the food frequency questionnaire collected information on eating habits or chocolate candy on the students of Harvard University.


chocolate_girl With the physical activity undertaken, smoking habits, eating habits and found that those who love to eat candy / chocolate age longer than one year is not eater. Fenol suspected of antioxidants in the chocolate is the cause why they can be longer.


Fenol is also found in many red wines that have been known as the drink is very good for heart health. Chocolate has the ability to prevent oxidation LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increase the body's immune function, which can prevent the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer.
During this time there was a view that the chocolate candy on dental caries and may also be responsible for the emergence of obesity problems. Can not be denied again that obesity is one of the various risk factors degeneratif disease. But studies at the University of Harvard is that if you show up with the consumption of chocolate candy is enough physical activity and eat balanced menu, then the negative impact of chocolate candy does not need too feared.


chocolate[1] In the United States consumption of chocolate only contribute 1% of total fat intake as stated by the National Food Consumption Survey (1987-1998). This amount is relatively small, especially when compared with the contribution of meat (30%), cereal (22%), and milk (20%).


Fat in the chocolate, cocoa butter is often called, are mostly composed of saturated fat (60%) especially stearat. But the chocolate fat is vegetable fat that is does not contain cholesterol. To keep the saturated fat that is not too high, it's good to limit only eat one chocolate bar per day and only consume suplement restrict or other food containing catechin such as apple and tea.

In research involving human subjects, found that chocolate consumption of fat and result in total cholesterol LDL cholesterol lower than the consumption of butter or beef fat. So even though each contains saturated fat but the effect was produced different cholesterol. Has long been known that stearat is neutral fatty acid that will not trigger blood cholesterol. Why? Stearat was slowly digested by the body and we also diabsorpsi less.

Third of the fat in chocolate is oleat acid that is not saturated fatty acid. Oleat acid is also predominantly found in the olive oil. Epidemiologis studies on the Mediterranean that many people consume oleat acid from olive oil oleat concluded positive effects for heart health.

chocolate-as-medicine-01-af Haunting question of how much we can consume chocolate? There is no suggestion that nutrient for this, but eating chocolate 2-3 times a week or drink chocolate milk every day it would still be accepted. Principles of nutrition that is actually easy to eat all types of food are moderate. Problems generally arise when the nutrition we eat too much or too little.


Eating chocolate does not cause addicted, but for some people think chocolate is good may be longing to eat chocolate again. This is called a chocolate craving. Impact of chocolate mood and behavior closely related to the chocolate craving.


Chocolate can be as nostalgic flavour, texture, sweet-bitter etc.. This is also often associated with the womb phenylethylamine which is a substance similar amphetanine which can increase absorption triptofan into the brain, which then in turn produce dopamine. Impact of dopamine is shown improvement and feeling happy mood. Phenylethylamine is also considered to have aphrodisiac property issue that people are feeling like falling in love (heart flowers).


Katekin are strong antioxidants in the chocolate. One of the functions of antioxidants can make is ageless. Katekin also found in tea is not as though the amount of chocolate. Parents often antiquity practice facial tea with the water because it can make skin luminous face and ageless. If they know that chocolate contains higher than katekin tea, they will probably recommend a bath with the chocolate.


Substance Nutrition Milk chocolate Bitter chocolate
Energy (Kal) 381 504
Protein (g) 9 5,5
Fat (g) 35,9 52,9
Calcium (mg) 200 98
Phosphorus (mg) 200 446
Vit A (SI) 30 60


Chocolate also contains theobromine and caffeine. Both the substance of this effect has been known to provide food security for the chocolate. Therefore when we are headed in the airport or waiting queue length, eat enough chocolate to make sure we are enthusiastic again. There is no evidence that the cause chocolate blotch. Chocolate also can not be said as a major cause for the emergence of dental plaque dental plaque can also occur in people who consume regular meals daily.

However, we must be vigilant against the chocolate, especially for people who are vulnerable suffer kidney stones. 100 g chocolate consumption will increase and calcium oksalat tripled. Therefore, healthy tips that can be recommended is a lot of drink water after eating chocolate.

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