Ibrohim, The Terrorist killed in Temanggung

1049115p Who is the man who died mysteriously in Temanggung, Central Java, last week ? In a press conference at the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, on Wednesday (12 / 8), Brigjen Eddy Suparwoko, Kapusdokkes Mabes police, said post-mortem brains are not terrorist Noordin M Top, but Ibrahim alias Ibrohim (Boim), which is missing in the post-detonation Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton.


"Indeed, I'd like to recount a little special for the Temanggung. So, we are running and compare with the sample. We compare with the family in Johor Bahru, Cilacap, does not fit all. I repeat does not fit all," said Eddy.

"We compare it with the family in Cilimus, with his wife and two children, one female and one male, match 100 percent. Ibrohim means is deceased, alias A'an in the house, alias Boim among friends," Eddy row.


ibrahim2 Ibrohim, Cirebon origin men who have four children, this involved up bombardment is going on in Mega Kuningan. Boim role in the bombardment of action that killed nine people are helping smuggle explosives into the hotel is luxurious.


In a press conference opportunities are currently in progress, police also show a number of CCTV recordings which describe the activity Boim before blasting. He was doing a survey to the hotel lobby. Then, he also reduce the amount of packing the car from a big pickup in the loading area Marriott hotels.


"Based on the description of a driver, when he wants to decrease the goods, he is prohibited by Boim. Then, Boim own the item and place it in room 1808," said the Head of Public Relations Division of Police Headquarters Irjen Nanan Soekarna in the same opportunity.


"Date July 8, Boim survey into the Ritz-Carlton with Nana (the suicide bombing) through the elevator employees. Date July 16, he bring in bombs and submit to the room in 1808. So, not a bomb carried by Danni check-in time, but taken by Boim on 16 July. Danni bring the bag, but no bomb. In the front is good, but in fact loading Dock does not come in, "said Nanan.Thumbs-up



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