Noordin Has Been Killed ?

Have not explained that the identity of remains found after the invasion in Temanggung, invite doubts about the death Noordin M Top. Director of the International Crisis Group (ICG) Sidney Jones remains the most likely suspect is not Noordin.


"I think it is not likely he (Noordin). I'm not sure, but not likely," said Sidney Jones, Sunday (9/8/2009).

Sidney confess his side up to now also have not provided an explanation about the attack. No party of the existence of actual Noordin. To find out how many followers, Indonesian authorities have not been there that can provide definitive information.

"We know not where Noordin, who is, cells such as whether there are more Bekasi and so on", he said.

However, Sidney rate, Noordin and the group still can be arrested immediately. This view of the large number of incentive assault conducted by the police. "Surely there's any arrest and new info finally have one that will go to Noordin", specifically.

"I can not comment on the attack yesterday because of too much buzz about the info. Only if the corpse was not Noordin, the struggle against terror in Indonesia, certainly long," he said. Previously have been known to circulate photos of a man killed with a head split from the nose to the top. The image of the corpse suspected of terrorist suspects in Temanggung. The image is very different from the face of Noordin, who deployed the police during this.

Intelligence observer, Andi Widjajanto, suspect the person who died in the assault team Densus 88 Antiteror in Temanggung, Central Java, Saturday (8 / 8), not Noordin M. Top, the most sought terrorist leader. This followed allegations of possible images that people died by the media. "At this point I suspect that certain leaders caught in Temanggung," said Andi, Saturday (9 / 8). "Can not be Noordin M. Top."

Found that only one died in the house. Previously, Head of Public Relations Division of the Inspector General of Police Mabes Nanan Sukarna says there are three or four people. "This is something out. If it was Noordin M. Top, a small possibility that he was at home alone", said Andi. Moreover, people in the house yelling himself Noordin M. Top, but do not attempt recumbency.

Previously, Andi sure the person who died was Noordin M. Top. Based on allegations that the facts are revealed in the media, such as the attack carried out with full strength. In fact, beyond the Doctor Azahari time in the city of Batu, Malang, East Java, back in 2005.

So, who died in the attack Densus 88 on 8 August yesterday?

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August 11, 2009 at 3:17 AM

Nordin M.Top not yet killed, so dont happy now, cause he will ready to new plan

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