Usain Bolt

bolt Usain bolt  is a Jamaican runner. Bolt is the holder of world record run 100m and 200m at this time. After reaching the gold medal men's 100 meters, Jamaican sprinter, Usain bolt, re-dedicate the gold medal for their country, from the 200 meters in the World Championship Track and Field Olympic Stadium in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday (8 / 20).


OLY-2008-ATHLETICS-100M Bolt already owned the world record in the 100m coming into Beijing, despite little experience at that distance. On May 31, Bolt ran his way into history when he shattered the world record, running 9.72 seconds to win the event at the Reebok Grand Prix in New York.


Bolt's time, which was run with a 1.7 meters-per-second tailwind, lowered the mark of 9.74 set in September by fellow Jamaican Asafa Powell. Making the record even more remarkable is the fact that it came in only his fourth race at the distance in major international competition. 


new record Usain-Bolt-001


The amazing, world record he successfully created. Number 100 meters, he successfully created the world record on his name alone to be 9.58 seconds, Sunday (08 / 16). Number 200 meters, it also update the record that he made before, to be 19.19 seconds. The record long bolt that creation years ago is 19.28 seconds. Previously, it was record-breaking Michael Johnson, 19.31 seconds, which has survived for 12 years.


Usain_bolt The bolt did not fail to undergo the test drugs. "After this I will undergo a test and I do not worry. I practice hard and are always ready," said bolt, Saturday , on august 22, 2009.

Achieve silver medal runner from Panama, Alonso Edward, 0.62 seconds slower, and far behind the bolt. Edward record time 19.81 seconds. Achieve bronze medal runner from the United States (U.S.), Wallace Spearmon, with a record time 19.91 seconds. "He is a gift from God to earth," said U.S. sprinter, Shawn Crawford, who must be satisfied in the fourth rank.


Bolt very quickly. In fact, before the race started, he whisper to the friend, Spearmon, and so close to the bolt. "Even though I ran with my best speed, I still remain less of it," said Spearmon.

Johnson foresee, in the future, every step on the bolt track athletic potentially generate a new world record. This is possible because the bolt is still the age of 23 years.

Usain Bolt Profile

bolt2 Born : 08/21/1986 in Trelawny (Jamaica)

Height : 1m96 cm

Weight : 88 kg

Nationality : Jamaïque

Speciality : 100m, 200m


Club History of Usain Bolt

2007 World Championships 200m     Osaka
2008 Olympic Games 100m     Beijing
2008 Olympic Games 200m     Beijing
2008 Olympic Games 4x100m     Beijing
2009 World Championships 100m     Berlin
2009 World Championships 200m     Berlin


Season of Usain Bolt

08/16/2009 World Championships 100m  
06/17/2009 Ostrava Meeting 100m  
07/17/2009 Paris Meeting 100m  
08/16/2009 World Championships 100m  
07/24/2009 London Grand Prix 100m  
08/15/2009 World Championships 100m  
08/15/2009 World Championships 100m  
08/20/2009 World Championships 200m  
07/07/2009 Lausanne Meeting 200m  
08/19/2009 World Championships 200m  
08/18/2009 World Championships 200m  
08/18/2009 World Championships 200m  


Record of Usain Bolt

08/20/2009 200m   World Record Berlin (Germany) Outdoor
08/16/2009 100m   World Record Berlin (Germany) Outdoor
08/20/2008 200m   World Record Pekin (China) Outdoor
08/16/2008 100m   World Record Pekin (China) Outdoor


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