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Wajah Noordin After nine years of being hunted, Noordin finally managed to put down by Detachment 88 Police Headquarters in an ambush during the nine hours in Solo, Central Java.


Since the ambush took place last Wednesday (16 / 9) at midnight. Here are ten facts about the most wanted terrorist leader in Southeast Asia :


  1. Noordin, born August 11, 1968, is a Malaysian citizen who stow away to Riau in Indonesia through early 2002. Prior to Indonesia, since 1995 Noordin first active in Luqmanul Hakiem boarding school affiliated to the Jemaah Islamiyah network. In Ponpes which at its peak once it has 350 students, is believed Noordin had served as headmaster.
  2. Not only known as a bomb builder, dropout Universiti Teknologi Malaysia also has a reputation for recruiting "bride" or suicide bombers.
  3. Noordin is believed responsible for four suicide bombings in Indonesia, such as the JW Marriott bombing in 2003, the Australian Embassy bombing in 2004, three solid foreign restaurants in Denpasar, Bali, in 2005, and the bombing in Mega Kuningan 2009. Above the action, over 200 people were killed. This figure is comprised of victims both local and foreign residents.
  4. When he resigned from Malaysia, Noordin leaves a wife and three children. During the run in Indonesia, Noordin has been married at least two citizens of Indonesia. Both women are Munfiatun, whom he married in May 2004, and Arina Rahmah, in September 2005.
  5. Noordin is known as a terrorist kingpin like slippery eels. The man who was born in Johor have been at least four times escaped in an ambush by densus 88. The first in November 2005 in Batu City, East Java. In this ambush, Dr Azahari was shot dead. Both the raid in Wonosobo in April 2006. Third in an ambush in Palembang in July 2008. Last in Bekasi in August 2009.
  6. Noordin and his group believed to have planned attacks on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in mid August 2009. This was revealed as the discovery of about half a ton of explosives in the Housing Puri Nusa Phala, Bekasi.
  7. Ability to recruit and Noordin in planning the bombing is believed to have been passed on to his followers. This was proven by the presence of Ustadz Saifudin Zuhri bin Gilani Ershad. Saifudin Zuhri successful recruiting Ibrohim, the florist at the Ritz-Carlton, in the planning of Mega Kuningan bombing. The police themselves revealed, Ibrohim dominant role in the planning of Mega Kuningan bombing, among them to conduct a survey and a bomb smuggled into the hotel through the access into the employee.
  8. During a fugitive, Noordin spent more time in various parts of the city on the island of Java, from Bandung, Cilacap, Solo, Surabaya, to Blitar. Java Island is dense and permissive society that tends to contribute to the hideout. Noordin is also believed to have never stopped at a place that ever lived.
  9. The police had "respect for the head" Noordin Rp. 1 billion.


  10. Noordin was killed in an ambush in Jebres, Solo, on September 16. Noordin was killed along with Susilo aka Adib, Bagus Budi Pranoto aka Urwah, and Ario Sudarso aka Aji. These last two are people who enter into the search list of Police Headquarters.



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