Mark Zuckerberg, is the CEO of Facebook

MarkZuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg, five years ago launched Facebook. This young man 25 years to control Facebook with controversial stories ranging from creation of ideas to how to control the computer.


Basically, Zuckerberg is known genius. In high school, he entered the school math team, science Olympiad team, music group, the Latin fan group, to the best he-fencing master. In 2000, he even noted as the best player during a fencing championship of New York.


Mark Elliot Zuckerberg (born in White Plains, New York, May 14, 1984; age 25 years). Son of Edward and Karen Zuckerberg. He is a computer programmer and entrepreneur from the United States. Become rich in a relatively young age because it succeeded in establishing and developing a social networking site Facebook while still in college.


v912He begins to cultivate the computer when he got a gift from his father's computer at the 6th grade. Soon he bought a book about making the most basic computer programs: "C + + for Dummies" . Her father is a dentist in White Plains, New York. His father put in the public schools until graduated from high school. New high school, his father sent to expensive private boarding school Phillips Exeter Academy.


In the third grade junior high school, he created a computer version of the board game Risk backgrounds of the Roman Empire. In high school, he was more famous computer expert.

facebook-mark-zuckerberg Zuckerberg and roommates in the dormitory, Adam D'Angelo, wrote a MP3 player program called Synapse. This program can track favorite who use and smelled the two giants of information technology, Microsoft and AOL. The two companies are not only trying to buy the program, but also to recruit them both.


But both refused. Zuckerberg chose to be "regular kid" and went to Harvard with a direction away from the computer world: psychology (though he also took computer courses).
There, he made a number of applications and websites for students. First created is The students can write the courses taken at this site and see who the other friends who also took it.


Since then, Zuckerberg went into territory that later became one of the mainstay Facebook: peek. People get a peek at what the courses taken by someone else.
The program is quite popular but then fall apart. The reason one: Zuckerberg made the laptop as a server, so it is not strong with the number of people who use it.


At first, Zuckerberg developed Facebook in the college dorm room at Harvard. The first members who joined the Facebook is his own friends. Within two weeks, one third of Harvard students have become permanent members of Facebook.
Although he had received his education at Harvard, even pioneering Facebook in the famous universities, he noted that studies have not completed degree he had not yet acquired.


friendster-facebook Facebook users continue to increase and has now reached 100 million members around the world with profits estimated to reach 300 million dollars per year. In fact, there are some people who are no longer a student or still at school wanted to join.


Accomplishments achieved Zackerberg not really smooth. A number of cases he found in connection with Facebook, including accusations that mention actual design of artificial Facebook. In the midst of some controversy, Facebook and Mark Zackerberg remains popular many people.


In fact, Microsoft is interested to buy 1.6 percent stake in Facebook with a value of 240 million dollars, the end of October. This transaction shows the value of Facebook capitalization was higher, at around 15 billion dollars. After that a number of bids surrounded Facebook.


Facebook is very popular and Mark Zuckerberg became very rich. Forbes magazine put him on the order of the world's richest 321 people with wealth estimated at U.S. $ 1.5 billion. But he still appeared very messy, not unlike other young children. Where did he use the jeans, t-shirts, and sandals. Two cell phones, BlackBerry and the iPhone, always carry.




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Nice posting. BTW, ad award utk mu teman. D ambl y! Keep intouch

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FB mang yahut, sat ini menurut aq FB jaya FS merana, mau tau sejarah nama facebook


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I want to be like him..

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