Gallina Vecchia To Rossi

n504572_ROSSI04_7.preview_big Casey Stoner wins again at Sepang circuit on Sunday (10/25), but the actual success achieved Valentino Rossi. He managed to become world champions for the ninth time, despite only finishing in third place.


Points collected can not be pursued by its nearest competitor, teammate of the Fiat Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo.

Although still leaves one race again, which will be held in Valencia on 8 November. Rossi is currently collecting 286 points, and can not be pursued by Lorenzo who collect 245 points.

Currently Rossi has won the most prestigious event was as much as 9 times, including 7 times in 500cc and MotoGP classes. With a seventh title in the premier class, Rossi is still below the legendary racer, Giacomo Agostini. Agostini has won as many as 8 times. But, for the number of victories on the track, Rossi far above Agostini. Rossi has collected 77 victories in the event times motogp, while Agostini only 68 times to collect the victory.

234791_Valentino Rossi in action in Sepang-1280x960-oct19.jpg.preview End the race with a podium place also produced records for Rossi. With a total record of podium 163 times, he sharpened up his own record in the history of motogp. Another record is the number of pole position, he had to match record Australia's  legend, Mick Doohan. Rossi is also Yamaha's most successful driver with 44 times the number of victories.


in addition, Rossi also holds the record for consecutive motogp, since his debut at the Malaysian GP in 1996 (125cc class), he was never absent in 226 races, while the premier class since entry in 2000, he was doing the race as much as 166 times in quick succession.

"Now it's time to relax and enjoy the results achieved. Because this is really great, Rossi said that wearing a shirt with the words" Gallina Vecchia ", which means that old hen, a chicken and egg picture numbered 9. Less is more, it describes itself which remain productive, even though he was 30 years old.

200 In yesterday's race, Rossi really only need an additional 12 points. But, it is almost broken because the track became wet because of rain. The first start position is not meant for him, because at the first corner Rossi widened to sag in the seventh position and could occupy the tenth position.


Step it acquired two great rivals, Stoner and Lorenzo. Stoner nudged to the forefront, while Lorenzo is the start of the final position, can precede Rossi. Stoner did not get interference, which means that he can finish in the first place. While Rossi and Lorenzo continued to compete. Rossi finished in third place just behind the driver's Repsol Honda, Dani Pedrosa. While Lorenzo is only able to finish in fourth place.


"Throughout the season, I have a very great rivals, especially Jorge (Lorenzo), which was also a teammate with me. He was very close to me. We are undergoing a lot of great battles, and he's very good. So good for him too," Rossi said.





Champion Last 10 Years

2009   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

2008   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

2007   -

Casey Stoner (Australia) Ducati

2006   -

Nicky Hayden (USA) Honda

2005   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

2004   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Yamaha

2003   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Honda

2002   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Honda

2001   -

Valentino Rossi (Italy) Honda

2000   -

Kenny Roberts Jr (USA) Suzuki




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