Story of the Jenson Button

jenson-buttonIt's like a fairy tale story for Brawn-mercedes team, the team first competed in F1, can be a champion, and Jenson Button became a new legend for Brawn-Mercedes team. This story happened on sunday (10/18), precisely in the Interlagos circuit, Brazil. Brawn-Mercedes team also managed to beat Red Bull-Renault in the constructors championship competition.

The first year we joined F1, and we can be a champion constructor and driver titles in the Formula 1 team, "said Brawn-Mercedes boss, Ross Brawn".
Yes, who would have thought Brawn-Mercedes barely competed in F1, in the end won. What a wonderful result for the new team debut in the F1 event.

Last year, they could hardly look at the F1 event, due to left main sponsor, Honda. With all the effort, and assistance from the Mercedes engine that provides one week before the first race. They can prepare the car for Jenson Button and Rubens Barichello in the first series in Melbourne, Autralia.


Button just need to finish in fifth place in Brazil to become world champion. Because of the additional 4 points, making buttons managed to collect 89 points. He can not be pursued by Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull, which collects 74 points, with the remaining 1 series, has confirmed Button became the world champion under the auspices of Brawn-mercedes.

After winning 6 times in the first seven races, Button was decreased. However, it was enough for him to become world champion. In the race yesterday, he did not take the podium, but it seemed that he has a mental champion, after the start of the sequence of 14, Button can finish in the order of 5. Success Brawn-Mercedes, also boasts the Great Britanian. Because, Button and Brawn came from that country. Brawn-Mercedes has a base in one small town there, Brackley. Uniquely, the fact that such repeated events last year, at the moment Lewis Hamilton, Ron Dennis and McLaren-Mercedes is also from Great Britanian.

“There is the most striking similarities between Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, they both became world champion when using a car numbered 22. They also only need to finish in the order of five to become champion of the world, and they both confirmed the achievements in Interlagos, Brazil”.

"I congratulate Button who has been a F1 champion", said the British prime minister, Gordon Brown. Next year, the drivers world title won by chance in the UK again. Button and Hamilton will come back strong. Button will remain competitive as this season, if it still continues with the Brawn-Mercedes.
"Now we can sit together and solve it", firmly Brawn.



Jenson Button
Brawn GP  
First race Australian GP 2000 (result - Retired)
Born 19/01/1980 in Frome (Angleterre)
Nationality Great Britain
Height 1.73 m
Weight 68.00 kg



Formula 1 Driver Standings
Driver Team Pts

1. Jenson Button

Brawn 89

2. Sebastian Vettel

Red Bull 74

3. Rubens Barrichello

Brawn 72

4. Mark Webber

Red Bull 61.5

5. Lewis Hamilton

McLaren 49



Career stats - Jenson BUTTON



Number of GPS


In The Points


Pole positions


Fastest laps


Career points




Career - Jenson BUTTON
Year Team
2009 Brawn
2008 Honda
2007 Honda
2006 Honda
2005 BAR
2004 BAR
2003 BAR
2002 Renault
2001 Benetton
2000 Williams



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