Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta

Mozilla-Firefox Most of the world community to use Mozilla Firefox as the primary browser. Various versions of Firefox has emerged and growing range of features in accordance with the times.


Now, Mozilla has released the latest version of Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta. Although only in beta, but a lot of new features offered, and apparently will give you a final version of Mozilla 3.6.


There are several new features available in Firefox 3.6, including javascript load faster, bookmark synchronization and outdated pluggin check. The browser was built using Gecko 1.9.2 Web Rendering Engine, in addition to more rensponsif, was also able to support the latest CSS, DOM and HTML5 is currently used by many Web developers.

Firefox 3.6 have several advantages, including the following:

  1. Faster JAVASCRIPT, Experiment conducted by Mozilla for many months proved to be successful in this version. Javascript loading process faster and more responsive.


  2. Personas (, this feature allows users to conduct their own customizable browser display. In previous versions of this feature just add-ons of course. But in this latest version the user can make customization even vote directly on the skin which like or create their own skins as you wish.


  3. Geolocation, not only determine the position of latitude and longitude coordinates of the user, but also capable of predicting addresses of users who access with this browser.


  4. Able to detect computer orientation, so as to provide the best acceleration in hardware, and provide a more performance optimized browser.


  5. Drag and Drop files from your computer into the browser can be done easily. This is certainly easier to make the process of uploading files (not yet appeared in beta versions).


  6. Fullscreen video, can display web pages and videos full-screen if you use the video tag on the web-based HTML5. It also supports Poster Frame.


  7. Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta Supports Open Web Font Format (WOFF)( which are expected to display various types of fonts created by Web developers. It also supports CSS, DOM, and the newest HTML5.

That's the newest feature of Mozilla FireFox now entering the beta version. If you intend to try it please you can Download here.

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