Robert Enke, Suicide For Children

robert-enke SKY cloudy atmosphere clung German national team. Robert Enke, goalkeeper, who is expected to be the main expected to be the main goalkeeper, ended his life on Tuesday (10/11). Enke (Hannover 96) was found dead on railroad tracks near his home in Neustadt-Eilvese around 18 o'clock local time. Tragic.


Teresa Enke (wife of Robert Enke), said that her husband committed suicide because leila (Enke's daughter), leila will be taken by the government if the public knows that Enke suffered a prolonged depression that did not improve.

According to Marker, as the doctors who treat Enke, his client had been depressed since 2003. At that time, Enke who was playing for Barcelona frustrated that never got the main place. It weighed over the years and the Enke had to make regular visits to a psychiatrist.

Not yet recovered from the depression, the burden increases Enke’s mind when his daughte, Lara, died of heart disease on September 17, 2006. She died at the age of two years. In May 2009, Robert and Teres adopt Leila (eight months old now).


Enke-Vertrag-gilt-nur-fuers-Oberhaus_6bc7222344 During this period, Enke continued treatment. Although there are changes, the condition never fully recover. Enke worry, the government will take Leila when knowing mental state. Not wanting to lose her daughter, in a more distressed, Enke could not see a choice other than suicide. That way, he hoped, Leila will continue to be part of the family.


"I try to always be there for him (Robert). I said, football is not everything. There are many wonderful things in life. We've got Lara. We've got Leila," says Teresa.


"I always wanted to help her through this. He was afraid of losing Leila," he said.

In the testament, Enke apologized to the family and staff nurse for pretending to be better and let them believe that he was more recovered.

"He suffered from depression and fear of failure. While undergoing treatment for months, we were unable to stop him committing suicide," Marker regret.
Enke died, hit by a train in Neustadt, Tuesday (10/11). According to police, Enke accidentally flopped onto the tracks, just before the train passed. Enke died at the age of 32 years.

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