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win phone Since the end of Windows Mobile, Microsoft finally officially released its successor, Windows Phone. Windows Phone released simultaneously in 20 countries on October 22, and Indonesia became one of the country can enjoy the new smartphone from the platform.


Windows Phone comes with new features, including the latest Windows Live is already equipped with feeds and photo sharing via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and Flickr. Internet Explorer Mobile also supports Adobe Flash Lite. In addition, available Outlook Mobile, Microsoft Office Mobile, and MyPhone to regulate the storage of data.

The most recent feature fresh is Windows Marketplace for Mobile, which is the market for device applications Windows Phone. These are available in the market applications for various social services, like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Netflix, Twikini, Wunder Radio, and Zagat as well as a variety of games such as Revenge of the Fallen, Sudoku, Transformers, and Pac-man.


Various smartphones that have been used include Acer, with the Neo Touch model, beTouch E200, beTouch E100, and beTouch E101. In addition, Asus M20, Motorola GM730, Motorola Times, Samsung Omnia II, and Samsung Omnia Pro also been used.


But the problem in the Windows platform is the emergence of a virus that is always a specter. This virus attacks could be considered a consumer, before choosing handset. Platorm probably about the same, but rare virus which stopped at the handset. Approximately 95% of viruses come via a Bluetooth or MMS with attachments. While the antivirus vendors have also provided products for Windows Phone.

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