Compress CSS to Accelerate Blog Loading

CSS One factor determining the speed of loading the blog is to use javascript code and the size of the image. If you use excessive javascript code, it will certainly make your blog so slow. Similarly, the 2 factors above, compress css considerable influence on the speed of loading blog.


There are several sites that provide this service, the usual one I use is css compressor. This site is very good, we can choose the level of the compress, from a low, standard, high, and highest. Now see below css code, very long and wear a lot of space, this greatly affects loading of your blog.


a:link {
color:#006699;  text-decoration:none;

a:visited {
color:#006699;  text-decoration:none;

a:hover {
color:#006699;  text-decoration:underline;

#main .post-body a:link {
color:#006699;  text-decoration:underline;

#main .post-body a:visited {
color:#006699;  text-decoration:underline;

#main .post-body a:hover {
color:#006699;  text-decoration:none;


If I compress the highest level, the results are as below :


a:link,a:visited,#main .post-body a:hover{color:#006699;text-decoration:none}
a:hover,#main .post-body a:link,#main .post-body a:visited{color:#006699;text-decoration:underline}



Very different, please choose to use the old css code or css code that is in a compress. To compress css, please visit here :

  1. Select compress mode, to low, standard, high or highest.


  2. And enter the css code into the empty box is available.




  3. After that, click the Compress button.


  4. Then the result will be seen below.




  5. Please click Select All and copy back the new css code into your template.

Good luck !




credit :

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January 11, 2010 at 1:50 AM

Nice article about CSS Compressor.
If I edit HTML in Blogspot, there are some HTML and CSS code. If I use the method above to compress CSS code, will it increase speed loading too?

December 15, 2010 at 4:02 AM

Thank you very much!!!! I have become crazy to sold this! And i couldn't solve the problem without you! Thank you very much=)

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