10 Tallest Buildings / Towers in the World

It seems the rich countries are vying to build the tallest building or tower in the world. Some even altitude of 3,000 ft (feet). It’s amazing and the cost to build these buildings are huge. Currently, dubai is the largest producer in the world's tallest building. The plan will be 4 buildings in 2020. Dubai's many rich people, naturally if they were able to finance it all.

Is our country can build the tallest building in the world? I think until any time will not be able to, because too many corrupt placeman in this country. Agree?


Below is a list of 10 tallest buildings and towers in the world. Check this out !

  1. Nakheel Tower
  2. Location: Dubai
    Year completed (target): 2020
    Height: 3.281 ft
    designed by: Woods Bagot



  3. Burj Dubai
  4. Location: Dubai
    Year Completed: 2009
    Height: 2600 ft
    Currently holds the world record for tallest building, because Nakhel Tower is still under construction



  5. Pentominium
  6. Location: Dubai
    Year of completion (estimated): 2012
    Height: 2028 ft
    Pentominuim a combination of the word "penthouse" and "condominium."



  7. Rusia Tower
  8. Location: Russia
    Year of completion: 2012
    Height: 2009 ft
    Created by: British architects Foster + Partners



  9. Chicago Spire
  10. Location: Chicago
    Year of completion: 2012
    Height: 2000 ft
    The Chicago Spire designed by Santiago Calatrava



  11. Meccah Clock Royal Tower
  12. Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
    Year of completion: 2010
    Height: 1893 ft
    Planned hours will be 5 times larger than Big Ben in London



  13. China 117 Tower
  14. Location: Tianjin, China
    Year of completion: 2013
    Height: 1870 ft
    This building also will be the highest in China if it is done



  15. Doha Convention Center Tower
  16. Location: Doha Qatar
    Year of completion: 2012
    Height: 1808 ft
    Developers are being developed by Qatari Diar, to be a beautiful scene in Doha

    Doha Tower and convention Center


  17. World Trade Center One
  18. Location: New York USA
    Year of completion: 2013
    Height: 1776 ft
    Dubbed the "Freedom Tower" designed by American architect David Childs



  19. Burj Al Alam
  20. Location: Dubai
    Year of completion: 2011
    Height: 1674
    Designed by Japanese architects Nikken Sekkei, in English means "World Tower"

    Burj Al Alam


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February 1, 2010 at 6:36 PM

Great buildings, but please tell to the world...the greatest building in Indonesia! Monas, Taman Mini, or ...?

February 3, 2010 at 7:54 AM

@Yuda : lebak bulus, haha..thanks

July 6, 2010 at 3:51 PM

Doha Convention Center Tower is beautiful tower and its biggest tower in Doha city (1808 ft) means 115 flour wow and its completed in 2012

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