Google Plus is a Real Social Networking

Are you tired of playing a Facebook or Twitter? Or are you bored to see all there and all activities are limited you can do on Facebook or Twitter? Nowadays, communication via social networking sites is essential to do if we do not want to miss the technology. And now, Google makes social networking site called Google Plus or known as "G Plus" as a new form of interactive social networking. What makes it special? In contrast to Facebook, G Plus trying to give you a real social life is put on the online form of communication.

There are three main facilities that you can get after creating a profile.
  1. "Circle" where you can group your friends based on your category, hanging out friends in one circle, the circle of the family in two, and the others.
  2. "Hangout" that allows you to conduct face-to-face online chat or web cam chat. You can even arrange to speak with several people at once, such as conferences.
  3. "Sparks" where you can find articles and videos based on your interests. You can also take your favorite one and save it in your profile.

Now, Google Plus limited only to users of Gmail (limited members), because Google Plus is still in development stage. Someday Google Plus will be used by all email users, so please be patient.

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August 7, 2011 at 4:04 AM

Google+ is Google's newest attempt to gain traction in the social networking world. And believe it or not, they may have something that will stick.

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