Sing for Hope

There are always some people who trying to do something good for other people life. There are many charity foundations all over the world who share the same idealism to give better hope and better life for other people through various ways.

One of the many foundations that were meant to bring better life or bringing transformation is Sing for Hope. This organization wants to bring transformation power of art to New York City under resourced school, hospital and communities. Each year this organization make fund raiser event to get the fund they need for their purpose. The event involved many people, many professional artists to join and give some of their talent in the event.

Some artist also brings up the music into the street by performing street piano. Hundreds of artist will join the event and donate their talent and also time to get the main purpose of this organization and that is having all the New York City people have access to the art. These organizations also have volunteer program that can be follow by any people. The programs are Art U (introduces art to under resourced students), Healing Art (live performance for people and patient in healthcare facilities), and Community Art (provide support for event with charitable cause).

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