Faisal Bin Fahd, The Prospective Owner Liverpool

prince Prince of Saudi Arabia, Faisal Bin Fahd ready to acquire 50 percent shares of  Liverpool, who dominated the United States businessman, George Gillett Jr. However, these negotiations will not be achieved without the approval of Tom Hicks, another owner of  liverpool.


Gillett and Hicks is the owner of the Reds. They each have a 50 percent stake in Liverpool. Both of them repeatedly at loggerheads over plans to sell Liverpool.


The problem is, there is agreement that if one wants to sell its shares, then the first person to be offered is the other owner. That means, Hicks should be given the first offer if Gillett wants to sell its shares. Daily Mail launch, a situation that could become a stumbling block for Faisal to acquire Liverpool. Even so, within a few days into the future, Gillett and Hicks Jr. is scheduled to have a meeting with Faisal in Saudi Arabia.

nego In fact, Faisal was ready to raise $ GBP 200 million - 300 million, but negotiations have not finished. However, Faisal still invest funds for several projects Liverpool.


Son of King Fahd, Saudi Arabia conglomerate, has shown that he was seriously invest funds for the club. In fact, he had come directly to Anfield to watch Liverpool matches in the Premier League. When Liverpool beat Hull City to Score 6-1 on 26 September last, Faisal was seen sitting on the main tribune Anfield, he took after signing the cooperation agreement to build a football academy in Arabia and North Africa.

Faisal ready to enter Liverpool through a consortium called F6. Prince, ready to master the stock up 100 percent. But, he saw a lump of the club owners. Club debt can be overcome with its investment from the prince, said Barry Didato, director of the F6. Currently, Gillett and Hicks still bear the debt and will mature next year. Gillett had actually wanted to sell its shares, but Hicks was always blocking, for want of offer much greater.

Situations that make Liverpool fans angry at the two Liverpool owner. In fact, several times a Liverpudlian (title for Liverpool fans) doing demonstrations, demanding that the issue be resolved. The reason, in recent years, problems that often become an obstacle for Rafael Benitez, Liverpool manager, for free in the stock transfer. If the acquisition is successful, then Liverpool can do much in the transfer market next January.




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